Delivery services are available for bulk materials, shrubs and trees. Most deliveries can be done within 24 hours; however there may be a longer wait during weekends.

Rates for Bark Mulch, Compost & Topsoil:

Rates for Plant Material

We can design and plant your favorite annuals, herbs, perennials or vegetables into containers and hanging baskets. Our minimum charge is $10. Plants, soil and fertilizer are an additional charge. Please understand that during busy times we may not be able to pot your plants so you may have to return for your finished container. All plantings must be picked up at the designated deadline. Lengthy hold times may be subject to extra charges. If you are bringing old planters from home please discard all dead plant material and soil at home. This reduces the risk of diseases and insects being imported to our greenhouses.

PLEASE CALL to schedule deliveries.

Note that there may be a longer wait for deliveries during weekends or in the fall due to scheduling conflicts. There may also be delays in delivering bulk material in the spring (March – May) months if delivery is on a POSTED road. This means there is a town weight restriction for the posted road and we must seek special permission from the road agent to access that road. In most cases that access is permitted but restricted to morning hours. Please allow 24-36 hours to contact and confirm with the specified town road agent about delivery access.

We can deliver a maximum of 12 yards of bark mulch and smaller loads of compost or topsoil due to weight. We have the option of making deliveries in a pickup truck or a 13 ton truck. Delivery rates will vary.